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Michael Wolf (1954-2019)

Sean O'Hagan   /  Source:  The Guardian

Michael Wolf, who has died suddenly, aged 64, was perhaps best known for his 2013-14 series, Architecture of Density, in which the facades of Hong Kong’s massive tower blocks, each one housing thousands of people, appear as dramatic geometric abstractions of light and colour. In Wolf’s photographs, the people are invisible, but on closer inspection, their presence is evident everywhere – in the coloured curtains, the laundry hanging out to dry, the sheets that drape on scaffolding.

His subsequent series, 100x100, was, he said, a response to the question he was most often asked about Architecture of Density: “How do people live in there?” The title referred to the number of images he selected, but also to the measurement (10 x 10 feet) of each of the 100 identical designed rooms in the vast Shek Kip Mei public housing complex...

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