Critical Mass: Urban Philosophies

Cornel West  Rem Koolhaas 

Unpublished, 1993

This conversation took place in the last session of the conference ‘Things in the Making: Contemporary Architecture and the Pragmatist Imagination’, held at the MoMA of New York in November 2000, and is published here for the first time.

John Rajchman. It’s a great pleasure to moderate this conversation but also a bit daunting since this exchange is, as far as I can tell, totally unscripted. I think it’s interesting to have an encounter that is not worked out in advance, but I guess we need a little bit of a framework. So I’d like to ask each of the speakers some questions that might stimulate a common discussion on several topics. If the discussion gets going, I’ll allow it to proceed as it goes. Also, since this is the last session, it will be interesting to have questions from the audience. So we’ll conclude by opening it up to the audience... [+]

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