Small books for summer reading for 9,90 euros

Small books for summer reading for 9,90 euros


Over the course of a fruitful career as critic of the newspaper El País and visible head of the magazines AV and Arquitectura Viva, Luis Fernández-Galiano has written on architecture and many other things. A rich sampling of his articles has now been grouped by themes in four series of nine booklets, together offering a vivid chronicle of architecture in the past decades.

The 'Retratos' series presents biographical sketches of the leading exponents of contemporary architecture, painted by means of in-depth interviews, reviews, and analyses of building works, all this accompanied by drawings of the architects themselves.

For its part, the 'Maestros' series goes over the last hundred years to touch on many other protagonists, from the visionaries who gave rise to the Modern Movement to the young creators now transforming the world, passing through figures whose writings structured the theoretical discourses of the century.

The 'Debates' series tackles the world's sociopolitical situation but also addresses artistic and environmental issues that affect architecture, without overlooking the state of the profession and the concerns that impact on it.

Finally, the 'Balances' series condenses the main social, historical, and geographic discussions revolving around the discipline, in the spirit of setting coordinates with which to better situate us in our place and time.

Small books for summer reading for 9,90 euros

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