Last Belgian Architecture

More Than Housing

Marc Dubois 

For a long time, Belgium has been a blank spot on Europe’s architecture map. This region amid France and the Netherlands has produced few noteworthy projects, especially in the area of public construction. However, in Belgium – from Victor Horta to date – the field of individual housing and the ‘domestic culture’ have experienced a great development. Unlike other neighboring countries, a large number of Belgian architects design their own homes and consider this type of project an essential part of their work. The housing projects of the fifties by Jacques Dupuis have much in common with the works of José Antonio Coderch, yet are not well known outside Belgium. And recently, noted architects such as Ettore Sottsass or Álvaro Siza have built domestic projects in Belgium, but one can hardly expect to acquire a position within the broad European architectural scene building individual houses only... [+]

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