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It´s the Economy, Ecologists!

Sustainable Construction in the Face of the Oil Crisis

Luis Fernández-Galiano 

There is no ecology without economy. Beyond the etymological relationship, which places both sciences on common grounds, transfering its logos and its nomos to the shared oikos of our residence on earth, the green science is inconceivable without the melancholy science. Seen from the ‘fiercely human’ viewpoint of architecture, the inhabited nature and the artifice of the market are interwoven like warp and weft. But environmental issues are often addressed skipping through the rough territory of financial issues, ignoring or underrating the fact that most of the decisions which shape the world are taken within that frame. At least for this reason, the advocates of sustainable architecture and urbanism should always keep in mind the motto that the political strategist James Carville used in Clinton’s campaign during the 1992 elections, and that has become a catchphrase in the American debate. “It’s the economy, stupid!”... [+]

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