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Koolhaas on the Venice Biennale

A Biennial without Stars


Rem Koolhaas has been named curator of the Venice Biennale of 2014 and sums up his intentions for the grand exhibition with the idea that the time has come to think of architecture instead of architects. Following the lines of the previous curator, and in what amounts to a new twist, the Dutch architect – head of the Rotterdam-based Office of Metropoitan Architecture – proposes a journey to the origins of globalization that zooms in on the basic elements of architecture. The ceiling, the floor and the wall will thus be the guiding thread of the next Biennale, not in vain titled ‘Fundamentals’. This theme will resound with that of the national pavilions, shared for the first time in the history of the Venice event: the adoption of modernity by local traditions from 1914 to 2014.

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