Juan Luis Dalda



The career of the urbanist Juan Luis Dalda was forged at the schools of architecture of Madrid and Berlin, but his early affiliation to the PCE (Spanish communist party), which he would leave to focus his commitment on the improvement of well-being in the city and territory. His professional activity began in Madrid in the 1970s, in the group Eusa, with which he won the first prize in the National Competition for the Defense of Nature and the Environment in the bay of Santander. In 1978 he founded in La Coruña the firm Oficina de Planeamiento with the economist Ánxel Viña, which developed the Special Plan for the Protection and Renovation of the Historic City of Santiago de Compostela, a project for which they received the European Urban Planning Award in 1997-1998. He also participated in the direction of urban plans and projects for the town halls of Ferrol, Oleiros, Madrid and Vigo. In the academic field, Dalda was professor of Urbanism and Territorial Organization in the University of La Coruña. His writings include Teoría y método del planeamiento general y urbano and Cidade difusa en Galicia. 

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