José Luis García Fernández



The conservation and cataloguing of the built heritage were for José Luis García Fernández an obsession that he developed simultaneously with his career as an architect and civil servant. An extraordinary draftsman, a tireless worker and exhaustive observer, his enthusiastic compiling activity was centered mainly on the public space, the landscape, urbanism, vernacular tradition and popular architecture, a labor which was featured in several publications. España dibujada (1975) – carried out with his brother Efrén –, Segovia en el paisaje (1982), La plaza en la ciudad (1986) or the illustrations for the volume Santillana del Mar of the professor Lafuente Ferrari, were some of the titles he published and that take stock of his skill as draftsman or his meticulousness as researcher and notary of the urban reality of our country. The settlement towns carried out in Andalusia under the reign of Carlos III and the evolution of the orthogonal grid of the Spanish cities from the Middle Ages to their diffusion in Spanish America were his main themes of study during the last decades of his life, a work that still remains unpublished.

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