Javier Feduchi



A son, brother, and father of architects, Javier Feduchi was part of a prolific family saga of modern Spanish architecture. Born in Madrid in 1926, even before earning his degree in 1959 he began to work with his father, Luis Martínez Feduchi, in both building projects and publications related to the history of furniture. Later, on his own, he directed Rolaco, a manufacturer of industrial pieces and catalog furniture. He mounted exhibitions and joined the staff of Galerías Preciados, building, among other things, its department store buildings of Madrid (Preciados and Goya), Barcelona, Seville, and Zaragoza, in all of which he put the latest in designs for large commercial spaces. Hospitals and museums were the thrust of Feduchi’s work in 1970 and 1980. The first group included a hospital plan for Navarra and the Asepeyo clinic of Coslada, and the second features museums in Cádiz and Seville’s Fine Arts Museum. He is also known for the Discoveries Pavilion at Expo’92 and for renovation projects including the facades of the oratory chapel of Caballero de Gracia and of the Cine Doré in Madrid.

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