Günther Domenig


1934 - 2012

With its contorted steel facade, the Z-Bank on Vienna’s Favoritenstrasse is perhaps Günther Domenig’s most famous work. Born in Klagenfurt and trained at the Technische Universität of Graz, where he would have his studio and be a professor, Domenig was a follower of Eilfried Huth, with whom he carried out significant brutalist buildings in the period 1963-1973, before going on his own to begin a career that would peak in 1984 with the exhibition on his work and that of the so-called Grazer Schule (Graz School), of which he was the leading representative. His expressionist language and construction expertise were highly regarded among public and private clienteles, earning him commissions for buildings of all kinds throughout the world, some as outstanding as the above-mentioned Z-Bank and the T-Mobile commercial complex, both in the Austrian capital, or the Documentation Center that he raised in Nuremberg beside the old Nazi Party Congress grounds designed by Albert Speer. But his most exceptional work is his own residence, the Steinhaus, a personal manifesto that the architect started in 1980 and continued to work on until shortly before he died.

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