Gerald Hines tribute

Norman Foster 

I am greatly saddened to hear about the death of Gerald Hines, an urban visionary and a close friend. Through the sheer force of his unique entrepreneurial spirit, he has shaped the skylines of not just his home city of Houston but has left a lasting legacy of exceptional design that echoes throughout the world.

Gerry was a pioneer who recognised the power of design to influence the quality of the lives of people and communities, something that has underpinned his work across the globe. I remember speaking at length with him on the social impact of design when he asked me to design an urban quarter in the heart of Washington DC. Sophisticate and urbane, his commercial successes were always underpinned by a sense of ‘doing the right thing’ for the city and its people.

Gerry’s strong sense of social responsibility and purpose is reflected in his generous philanthropic work, most notably to the school of architecture at the University of Houston. His enthusiasm and support for students through the establishment of the Urban Land Institute’s urban design prize echoes the youthful spirit that I will always remember him by. His eye for detail and gentle wit will be greatly missed by us all.

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