Francesc Mitjans



Responsible for the renewal of domestic Catalan architecture during the second half of the 20th century, Francesc Mijans left behind him a rich legacy of notable buildings in the skyline of Barcelona. Born in the city, Mitjans received his degree in architecture in 1942, after the onset of the Spanish Civil War had led him to suspend his studies. Influenced by the contribution of the GATEPAC, his work was pervaded by the functionalist tendencies of modern architecture of the time and the work of authors such as Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier and Aalto. The elegant residential projects in the higher part of the city, dedicated to the Catalan bourgeoisie that progressively abandoned Barcelona’s center, were some of his first contributions: the apartment building on Amigó Street, the Banco Atlántico Tower (today the Banc de Sabadell) inspired by the Pirelli building by Gio Ponti and the Royal Nautical Club, in which he received the 2006 Antonio Camuñas award. One of his most popular constructions is Camp Nou, designed together with Josep Maria Soteras. In 1963, he was presented with the FAD Award for the whole of his career.

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