Amidst Planes and Folds


Not only in the movies is Paris a place of encounter par excellence. It is also there that Frenchwoman Dominique Jakob (1966) and New Zealander Brendan MacFarlane (1961) met, set up a practice in 1992, and joined the studios of Marin & Trottin and Paillard & Jumeau in founding Périphériques, a cooperative association that questions architecture as an individual creative activity by participating in competitions in pairs or groups and organizing exhibitions. As part of this collective, Jakob and MacFarlane have completed the Café-Musiques at Savigny-Le-Temple, a complex on the border between city and countryside which includes a restaurant and an auditorium, and designed the Puzzle House, an alternative to the mass-produced individual dwelling which brings together accesses, public gardens and private patios like pieces of a green and fractured jigsaw...

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