The World Upside Down

Kimsooja’s work at the Bourse de Commerce


In the context of the ‘Le monde comme il va’ exhibition, South Korean artist Kimsooja presents her latest work, To Breathe - Constellation, set up in the Rotunda of the Bourse de Commerce in Paris, refurbished just three years ago by the prominent Japanese architect Tadao Ando. Both monumental and ethereal, the intervention consists of an immense mirror on the floor that, as one approaches, inverts the architecture and the natural order of the world. The artwork is thus transformed into something more than just an object, an installation, or an image: it becomes an experience that appeals directly to the essential. Between the appearance and the disappearance of elements, the reflections, the contemplation, and some possible dizziness, the empty space is filled with experiences “that connect the world we can see to the one we cannot.” Kimsooja also fills the display cases of the Bourse and of the lower level of the museum, filling them with a constellation of works that span almost forty years of her artistic practice and videoinstallations, tackling favorite themes of hers such as identity, frontiers, and memory, among others. She gives form and life to objects that may seem inert, and which express her interest in intangible presences that blend delicately with the invisible and the ephemeral.[+]

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