Could Doomsday Bunkers Become the New Normal?

Mira Ptacin   /  Source:  The New York Times

When we were told to stay inside our homes, a portion of the population quietly went below ground.

The first tenant for one of Frank Woodworth’s underground bunkers wasn’t a human, it was a seed. “A couple of hippies called me up and asked me to build them a vault for their heirloom seeds,” he said.

A reserved man with Downeast stoicism, Mr. Woodworth is the owner of Northeast Bunkers, a company in Pittsfield, Maine, that specializes in the design and construction of underground bunkers. It was 18 years ago that Mr. Woodworth outfitted that first steel vault while working as a general contractor, and he has since changed direction, pivoting his business model to focus solely on designing, installing and updating underground shelters... [+] 

Regional Foundation Repair: Basement Bunkers Aren’t Just for Preppers Anymore

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