Colombia, the Social and Urban Revival

Jorge Pérez Jaramillo 

Colombia is a diverse country; plural map of cultural expressions, contrast between clashing loves and feelings, civilization and culture; and a reality of violence and conflict that is the consequence of a society that evolves with feudal vices and a still immature democracy. The conflict we yearn to overcome represents much more than a political and military confrontation, reflecting as it does the complexity of a country dominated by minority groups, at the expense of the exclusion of majority groups, in an immoral and perverse context of trading of arms, chemical precursors and hallucinogenic drug consumption. The country is a gathering space between the Caribbean, the Pacific, the Amazonia and the Andes mountain range, where South and Central America converge. It has a privileged geostrategic location, on a continental territory of 1.141.748 square kilometers with a diversity and natural richness that seems to have no bounds and a population close to 45 million inhabitants, three fourths living in cities like Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and Barranquilla...

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