Charles Moore died of a stroke on December 16 at the University of Austin (Texas), his last teaching post Dedicated to imparting classes since 1950, he also taught at Yale and the University of California at Berkeley and Los Angeles. As a critic he wrote several books, among them The Place of Houses (1974) and Body, Memory and Architecture (1977). Moore formed several firms, the most famous having been the one he opened in 1962 with Lyndon, Turnbull and Whitaker, giving rise to his most appreciated work, the Sea Ranch in Sonoma, California (1965). Houses of a rare typology, including one he built for himself at Orinda, also count among his finest achievements. Later projects like the Piazza d'Italia in New Orleans (1978) linked Moore to the postmodern current, where he always stood out for his ironic attitude in the handling of the classical repertoire. 

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