Charles Gwathmey



The architect Charles Gwathmey made a name for himself when he joined, with little more than thirty years of age, the group of young professionals gathered in the exhibition ‘Five Architects’ organized by New York’s MoMA in 1969, which was followed by the publication of the famous book by the same name. Professor at different American universities and founder with Robert Siegel of the firm Gwathmey Siegel &?Associates in New York, Charles Gwathmey drew up projects like the house of geometric forms he built for his parents, both of them artists, in?Long Island (1966) – and which he would later transform into his residence and studio –, the extension of the Guggenheim Museum of New York (1992), and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) of North?Miami (1995). Recently he had extended the Yale University School of Architecture, built in 1963 by his professor Paul Rudolph. Gwathmey was the author, as well, of the residences of many well-known figures of the show business, like the actress Faye Dunaway, the filmmaker Steven Spielberg and the actor Jerry Seinfeld.

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