Nakagin Capsule Tower to be dismantled


A symbol of Japanese metabolism, the Nakagin block of apartment capsules in Tokyo (1972), a work of Kisho Kurokawa, is a double tower with 140 prefabricated cubicles piled up around two vertical circulation shafts. Having much fallen into disrepair, it has been under threat of demolition since 2007. After years of uncertainty about the building’s future, it has been announced that the modules are to be disassembled and renovated, initially with the help of crowdfunding, so that they can be relocated as dwellings or donated to institutions. A capsule is already on display at the Museum of Modern Art Saitama (Japan), and the Centre Pompidou in Paris has expressed that it is keen to acquire one for its own collection. A reconfiguration of the pieces could prevent total demolition.

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