‘BCN-BXL Coderch-De Koninc: Beyond Time’


On view through 31 January 2022 at the Spain art & science LAB in Belgium gallery in Brussels is an exhibition of pictorial works by Bea Sarrias and a documentary by Morrosko Vila-San-Juan. It strikes up a dialogue between the architecture of the Belgian Louis Herman de Koninck (1896-1984) and that of the Barcelonian José Antonio Coderch (1913-1984).

Both were rationalist architects and designers, and although they belonged to different generations, each worked for the bougeoisie of his time and created an aesthetic and an imagery for a consumerist society and everyday life. Paintings, drawings, and sketches by Bea Sarrias portray some of their best-known houses in Barcelona and Brussels, respectively. An audiovisual piece by Morrosko Vila-San Juan provides context through a variety of films and interviews with architects like Bruno Erpicum and Oscar Tusquets, as well as with the owners of some of the houses, who give backgrounds and share their experience inhabiting iconic houses.

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