Alexis Josic



Alyocha Josic known as Alexis Josic, was born in Stari Becej, Yugoslavia (current Serbia). He studied in Belgrade, first painting at the National School of Fine Arts (founded by his father, Mladen Josic), and later architecture, graduating in 1948. In 1953 he moved to France, and shortly later he met Georges Candilis (1913-1995), who introduced him to ATBAT (the Atelier des Bâtisseurs founded by Le Corbusier and Vladimir Bodiansky). In 1955, Candilis and Josic, with the American Shadrach Woods (1923-1973) established the studio Candilis-Josic-Woods, in which Josic would stand out for his talent for drawing and where he would develop works like the extension of Bagnos-sur-Cèze (1960); the competitions for the La Viste housing in Marseille (1957), the urban plan of Toulouse Le Mirail (1961), and the University of Bochum (1962); or the urban study of Cuvette Saint-Martin in Chad (1963). From 1965 onwards he worked in his own office in collaboration with this partner, the architect Douchanka Josic, at the Cité Artisanale de Bruyères in Sèvres (which he devised). In 1995 his sons took charge of the studio. 

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