AG Fronzoni



Known mainly for his contributions to graphic design, AG Fronzoni was above all a versatile creator whose activity covered the most diverse areas of design. Born on 5 March 1923 in Pistoia, his self-taught formation did not keep him from embracing the modern project. Admirer of Mies, Terragni and Fuller, he conceived the creative process as the result of a multidisciplinary interaction, and his work covered fields such as industrial, exhibition and theater set design, as well as architecture. The suitcases Forma Zero, the furniture pieces ‘64, the Palazzo Balbi renovation or the Leonardi apartment share the language of elementary forms and straight lines present in the powerful graphic message with which he entered the architectural scene in the mid-sixties. He was also interested in the editorial world: he founded the magazine Punta and redefined the graphic image of Casabella between 1965 and 1967. Professor in Milan and Urbino, in 1982 he transformed his studio into a school-workshop where students from all over the world enjoyed his lessons. The posthumous exhibition ‘In-Finito’ gathers his unpublished designs.

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