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Lights and Shadows in Spanish Restoration

Antonio Almagro 

Jayrán Wall, Almería

Since the early 1970s Spain has undergone changes of great sociopolitical importance. The restructuring of the State that followed the signing of the Constitution of 1978, and with it the implantation of autonomous regimes and the spectacular increase of the public sector’s weight in the economic arena – with the attendant increase of resources –, has had a strong repercussion on culture in general, and on the protection and preservation of heritage in particular. These changes were accompanied by another, equally important one that affected the cultural field very directly: the termination of the isolationism in which Spain had been immersed from the time of the end of its Civil War way into the 1960s. As almost always happens, many things changed for the better, but some things have remained or come about which have notably cast a shadow on the general scene...

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