20MM Porcelain for outdoors, by Grespania


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After months of lockdown, outdoor projects like terraces and gardens have taken on importance as spots for socializing. The 20MM-thick porcelain material developed by Grupo Grespania is ideal for these spaces because they are highly versatile and easy to install and clean.

Offering 37 models, the range guarantees safety through non-slip finishes and high resistance to breakage, stains, and inclement weather. It can be placed on grass, gravel, or soil, as desired. As a raised pavement it facilitates water drainage in gardens, and MEP services can be hidden underneath.

Raised pavement

Being available also in conventional thicknesses, it allows continuity between interiors and exteriors in contract and residential projects.

The series features two new lines: Indiana and Mítica. Indiana comes in four colors (white, beige, gray, multicolor) and in pieces measuring 60x120 cm, which are 20 mm thick for outdoor spaces. With the standard thickness it can be ordered in four sizes (60x120 cm, 60x60, 30x30, 30x60), with the anti-slip treatment. As for Mítica, with the standard thickness it can be also be purchased in four sizes (120x120 cm, 60x120, 60x60, 30x60), and in four colors (white, sand, gray, anthracite), again with the anti-slip finish. The 20 mm thick piece is an 80x80 cm rectangle. The Mítíca line goes with the 31.5x100 cm cladding of the same name, so is ideal for application in contract or residential projects.

More information in www.grespania.com.

Serie Mítica, 20 mm

Serie Indiana, 20 mm