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Headquartered in Montblanch (Tarragona) and running office branches in Miami and Los Angeles, the firm Kriskadecor undertakes bespoke projects with architects and interior designers, offering them a wide variety of solutions for separating areas, cladding surfaces, decorating ceilings, and lighting spaces with anodized aluminum chains.

The chains, being lightweight, are versatile, adaptable to the needs of different projects in terms of color and dimensions. Thanks to technology of Kriskadecor’s own and a broad color range, any image or pattern can be rendered in shiny and satiny finishes. Importantly, the aluminum used is 100% recyclable, so the chains fit into any project where sustainability is a priority.

The company has worked for different sectors: hotels, restaurants, offices, public spaces, museums, airports, stores, commercial centers, homes, and more. Some of the projects it has participated in are: Aldgate Tower offices, London; MiQ offices, New York; KI20 Business Centre, Budapest; Karavaevi Café, Moscow; Kohakinho Restaurant, Lugano; and most recently Casa Batlló, Barcelona.

Aldgate Tower offices, London (England)

KI20 Business Centre, Budapest (Hungary)

MiQ Office, New York (United States) 

Kohakinho restaurant, Lugano (Swiss)

Casa Batlló, Barcelona

For more information: Kriskadecor