Grupo Atenzza opens its first showroom in Madrid

Atenzza Group 
  • Brand Atenzza Group 
  • Series Atenzza. Ecoplen. Drypets. Fotografía: Nacho Uribe

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With over 80 years of experience behind it and headquartered in Ontinyent (Valencia), the Atenzza business group is dedicated to the production and marketing of textile products for interior and exterior decoration, as well as technical fabrics for solar protection. It recently opened its first showroom in Madrid at Ayala 85, in the Salamanca neighborhood.

Designed by architect Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez, the showroom is where one can see the group’s Ecoplen, Drypets, and Drymax textile lines firsthand and up close, and hence appreciate the versatility, variety, properties, and different applications they can offer in the realm of decoration, as they can be used as upholstery for indoor and outdoor furniture alike.

The exhibition formula for this showroom is a stable, repetitive, solid system, over and above the formal expression of the design or any perception of a typical product on display. It is an artistic and abstract application which visually explores the interwoven elements that symbolize the fabrics, reinforcing their attributes and multiple decorative possibilities. Ecoplen smart fabrics are used in their entirety to create a multipurpose and innovative space, and the textiles are self-cleaning and air-purifying. In turn, long vertical cardboard tubes have been placed where the fabric is rolled up, expressing textiles’ relevance to sustainability.

Showrrom Atenzza

Atenzza, pioneers in developing smart fabrics

The Atenzza group is a pioneer in applying nanoscience techniques to its products, developing smart fabrics that through their many properties and uses help to improve and facilitate our lives and that of our pets.

Ecoplen is Atenzza’s ‘Plenty of Life’ line. Intended for both outdoor and indoor uses, it incorporates the latest trends in design and color. Smart and self-cleaning, the fabrics have properties and functions that offer benefits and solutions which conventional cloths do not: they repel water, prevent odors, purify air, protect against UV rays, and eliminate mites, fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

Drymax: presents breathable fabrics for damp-proofing the home, from kitchens, bathrooms, and stairs to swimming pool areas and terraces. The products are applicable wherever moisture can be present, inside or out, and whether in new-builds, in reconstructions, or in repair projects. The fineness of the fabric makes it fit for any already-paved zone, without causing any significant increase in the height of the affected area.

Drypets is the Atennza line that focuses on pet care, following the ‘Healthy pets, Happy pets’ philosophy. Besides the properties of smart fabrics in general, Drypets has the capacity to fight bedbugs, fleas, and mosquitoes, thus helping to prevent the bites that cause leishmaniosis. It offers various products that cater to the wellbeing of our home animals, such as mattresses, blankets, towels, carriers, and pillows.

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