Cosentino launch Silestone Loft series


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Cosentino, the multinational producer and distributor of surfaces for architecture and design, has launched the Silestone Loft series, and it comes in five colors. Camden, Poblenou, Seaport, Nolita, and Corktown. For inspiration the creators went back to the mid-20th century, when several New York neighborhoods saw industrial buildings, huge workshops, and abandoned warehouses become open-plan apartments known from then on as ‘lofts.’

Camden transports us to London. A soft gray with a fine grain, homogeneous with subtle white veining. Camden is the standard cement shade, a versatile color, easy to incorporate anywhere.

Poblenou evokes the neighborhood considered the cradle of Barcelona’s industrial revolution. A touch of the Mediterranean in gray tones of warm nuances, with hints of sand and the look of wear-and-tear.

Seaport recalls the southeastern district of Manhattan, where the past lives on amid piers, restaurants, and stores. Its recreates a worn dark color tinged with hazy white shades.

Nolita is also of New York inspiration, this time evoking the neighborhood North of Little Italy. Its cold industrial composition presents whites and ‘aged’ light grays, avoiding too much contrast.

Finally, Corktown draws from the lights and shadows of Detroit. It is the series’s dimmest, most sober tone. Intense browns appear on a dark background, with an extra-matte finish.

In Silestone Loft, HybriQ+ technology is used for the first time, in a new production process marked by the company’s commitment to protect the environment and contribute to sustainable management and a circular economy. HybriQ+ involves a new, hybrid formulation of Silestone, reusing minerals and much reducing the quartz component.

For more information: Silestone Loft


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