Bubble, new addition to Outdoor series of Focus Chimeneas

Focus Chimeneas 

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With 50 years of experience behind, Focus fireplaces has launched its latest Outdoor product: the Bubble wood-burning fire pit. Designed by Christophe Ploye, it is compact, simple, and round, with a diameter of 700 mm and weighing 46 kg, and two rear caster wheels make it easy to move on a flat surface. The basin can be removed for maintenance and cleaning. The matte black finish has been given an anti-corrosion treatment to make Bubble withstand atmospheric conditions.

Bubble, wood-burning fire pit 

The Outdoor series presents seven models of hearths for outdoors. Four are suspended from ceilings and can pivot (Gyrofocus, Bathyscafocus, Domofocus, Ergofocus), the other three are mounted on walls (Emifocus, Miofocus, Paxfocus). All can be used for cooking and come with an anti-corrosion finish in either rust or matte black. They should be installed under a roof and at least 10 kilometers away from the sea. Finally, all need a chimney cap.

Ergofocus, outdoor

Gyrofocus, rust

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