Vegetable Skin

Power Plant Transformation


Energy flows everywhere but is invisible, as generally are the buildings where it is produced. One exception is the power plant of Wedel, near the city of Hamburg, which is soon to undergo transformation in accordance with a project drawn up by the London-based Spanish architect Alejandro Zaera. The idea on one hand is to create a forest park surrounding the station that was built in the decade of the 1960s, and on the other hand to clad it with a skin taken over by climbing plants – a green envelope that will act both as an organic curtain and as a natural machine for the collection of carbon dioxide. This skin will have an inner layer of industrialized panels specially designed to improve the building’s thermal insulation, and an outer one of warped galvanized steel pieces with a curvature serving three different purposes: an aesthetic one (the creation of an organic image); a mechanical one (the reinforcement of the rigidity of the pieces); and a bioclimatic one (the expansion of the surface of green tapestry).

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