Driehaus Prize 2010


Rafael Manzano

Rafael Manzano (Cádiz, 1936) has received the Richard H. Driehaus Prize 2010, endowed with $200,000, and awarded by the American University of Notre Dame. Presented yearly, the prize honors excellence in the field of classical architecture and traditional urbanism. Manzano graduated from Madrid’s School of Architecture, where he was a disciple of Fernando Chueca Goitia. Early in his career he worked in the department in charge of the defense of national artistic heritage and in the office in charge of urban planning in cities of national artistic interest. Since 1967 he teaches History of Art in Seville’s School of Architecture, which he directed between 1974 and 1978. Aside from his academic activity, Manzano has participated in archaeological projects and in monument restorations, as well as in the construction of new buildings like the house of Chueca Goitia in Seville or that of Curro Romero in Marbella. In conjunction with the Driehaus, Notre Dame also gives the Henry Hope Reed Award to achievements in the promotion and preservation of classical architecture, and this year it has been presented to the Yale professor Vincent J. Scully. 

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