Exhibition of Young Architects 2000


Vázquez House, Sada

The Vázquez House at Sada by Carlos Quintáns, Antonio Raya and Cristóbal Crespo was feted by the jury of the 6th Exhibition of Young Architects, held biannually by the Camuñas Foundation in Madrid. This work in La Coruña – a longitudinal concrete volume perforated by small courtyards and interlocked with a little tower of bedrooms –has formed part of an itinerant exhibition along with other nine final projects selected from a total of 98: a pool in La Coruña by Martín & Rubén Fernández Prado; the store rooms of Mazagón port by Alarcón & Galdames; the Madarcos town hall by Martínez, Pemjean & Pemjean; the Herrera house at El Garrobo by Morales & Mariscal; the LC house in Ajo (Cantabria) by Acebo & Alonso; the Research Institute of León by Fresneda & Sanjuán; the Rojas jewelry store in Madrid by Luis Martínez Santamaría; the Bilbao Euskalduna by Soriano & Palacios; and the Papelera Peninsular main offices in Fuenlabrada by José María Navarro. Called every two years, the exhibition alternates with the award by the same name which every odd-number year celebrates the career of a consolidated architect.

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