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With a special focus on territorial narratives, a consequence of human impact on nature, this architect, pilot, aerial photographer, and professor uses his images as a platform to aesthetically analyze how we interact with our planet. Born in England in 1968 and raised in Mallorca, Tugores studied at the Vallès School of Architecture and teaches at the ESEIAAT, and the New York Institute of Technology. His meta-metropolitan readings take inspiration from the work of American photographers like William Garnett – father of territorial interpretation – and Adriel Heisey. His travels around the world and interest in the atmosphere as planet catalyzer are reflected in the following pages.

Tugores’s passion for aerial photography began 15 years ago on his first flights on a Fokker 100 around Europe, on which we observed how different cultures and climates have adapted to the ‘topos,’ and how cities reflect their errors and potential, as well as a mix of urban plans. 

His photographs – taken from aircrafts flying at speeds between 400 and 900 km/h – document the time of the planet and invite to reflect on the possibility that we might be viewing the last images of the Earth before an extreme change of climate. 

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