Lisson Gallery puts Ai Weiwei London show

Lisson Gallery puts Ai Weiwei London show

Anny Shaw   /  Source:  The Art Newspaper

Photo courtesy of Ai Weiwei Studio

Lisson Gallery has indefinitely put on hold an exhibition of new works by the Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei, which had been due to open in London this week, following a statement posted by Ai on social media relating to the Israel-Hamas war.

The artist tells The Art Newspaper that his show has "effectively [been] cancelled", noting that the decision was taken "to avoid further disputes and for my own well-being". Ai says "these good intentions" have been "well-received".

The tweet, which Ai posted in response to a follower’s question on X (formerly Twitter) and which he has since deleted, read: "The sense of guilt around the persecution of the Jewish people has been, at times, transferred to offset the Arab world. Financially, culturally, and in terms of media influence, the Jewish community has had a significant presence in the United States. The annual $3bn aid package to Israel has, for decades, been touted as one of the most valuable investments the United States has ever made. This partnership is often described as one of shared destiny.”

The Art Newspaper: Lisson Gallery puts Ai Weiwei London show on hold over Israel-Hamas war tweet

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