Bruther, Swiss Architectural Award 2020

Source:  Swiss Architectural Award

Founded in 2007 in Paris by Stéphanie Bru (1973) and Alexandre Theriot (1972), Bruther works in the fields of architecture, research, education, urbanism and landscape. Bruther aims “to understand and to accept conceptual and constructive needs but also to be able to back down and unexpectedly encounter new experimentation and research areas. Our projects suggest a delicate balance between strategy and form, rigor and freedom, specific and generic, immediacy and evolutivity. Considering the program in its future, our projects stand for open infrastructures that fit an abundance of context possibilities and a wide malleability of uses”.

Bruther has been awarded the Prix de l’Équerre d’argent 2016 (for the New Generation Research Center, Caen), the Gold Award, Best Architects Awards 2016 (for the Cultural and Sports Center Saint-Blaise, Paris), and nominated in 2015 for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award (for the Cultural and Sports Center Saint-Blaise, Paris).

Stéphanie Bru and Alexandre Theriot lectured at various architecture schools worldwide, as Associate Professor of Architecture & Design. Alexandre Theriot currently teaches in the Department of Architecture, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), Switzerland.

The jury unanimously conferred the Swiss Architectural Award 2020 on Bruther for the Cultural and Sports Centre Saint-Blaise, Paris (2010-2014), the New Generation Research Centre, Caen (2013-2015) and the Residence for researchers “Maison Julie-Victoire Daubié”, Paris (2014-2018)...

Swiss Architectural Award 2020

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