‘Boxification’ by Manuel Álvarez Diestro in South Korea


On view from 19 July to 3 August at Palbok Art Factory, a cultural center in the South Korean city of Jeonju, is an exhibition on the work of the Spanish photographer Manuel Álvarez Diestro. ‘Boxification,’ a series of images shot in industrial ports, shows the importance of shipping as a means of transporting merchandise, and its vigorous growth in the harbors of Asian coasts. The distribution and arrangement of freight containers when they arrive at their ports of destination or transit stops, creates artificial landscapes that in composition can be compared to those of the cities around. Diestro’s pictures seek to portray a mechanical world built upon standardized orthogonal modules. What they ultimately convey is a globalized world made of a single form: the steel container. Manuel Álvarez Diestro

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