Arquitectura Viva 251: Mario Cucinella

Arquitectura Viva 251: Mario Cucinella


Public Places. The visible head of one of Italy’s busiest architecture practices, Mario Cucinella is the author of numerous projects which, more than a distinctive style, share a fundamental idea: the use of technology in making headway towards the goal of environmental sustainability and a better society. Arquitectura Viva now presents four of his public works, photographed by Duccio Malagamba, that attest to this ecological and civic commitment: offices in Ferrara, a community center in Peccioli, a church in Mormanno, and a museum in Milan.

This issue’s dossier, for its part, features four English projects representing different approaches to the challenge of working on heritage: the adaptation of Clifford’s Tower in York, by Hugh Broughton Architects; Magdalene College’s new library (2022 Stirling Prize winner), by Niall McLaughlin, and Homerton College’s new dining hall, by Feilden Fowles, both in Cambridge University; and the Sands End Community Center in London, by Mae Architects.

In Art and Culture, Kurt Forster goes through the eclectic career of the recently deceased Arata Isozaki, and Pepa Cassinello tells the little-known story of the German photographer Sibylle von Kaskel and her relationship with Eduardo Torroja. And the usual News and Books sections are complemented with Carlos Jiménez’s personal account of Joan Manuel Serrat’s farewell concert.

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