An old theatre in Barcelona is reimagined

Katie Meston   /  Source:  Wallpaper

In the heart of Barcelona, in the Poblenou technology district, a lofty timber-framed village theatre had been adapted into a warehouse. Now, the building has been adapted for a new use as a live/work space – and named ‘The Theatre’ in honour of its colourful past. The renovation and redesign has been imagined by Cadaval & Solà-Morales.

Captivating and preserving the history of the building’s previous functions, The Theatre retains its large diaphanous loft, where original textures such as wood, metal, brick and stone have been maintained and celebrated in their raw state. The wooden doors of the theatre have been preserved, yet the combination of the wall of framed glazing and the removal of part of the roof from the previous warehouse has completely opened up the space to new light and fresh ventilation...

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