‘To those who travel’, by Mar Sáez

‘To those who travel’, by Mar Sáez


Photos courtesy of Mar Sáez

‘To those who travel’ is a photographic project about shared travel as a socialization experience.The car as a compartment that generates contact with unknown people during the time in which the trip evolves.

With these starting elements I have built a visual narrative based on my experience as a nomad photograph during several years based halfway between several cities. The use of shared transport apps allowed me to travel with different people during more than a hundred journeys. These experiences allowed me to depict these travel companions and the transit sites, which I found occasionally strange and ghostly. Also, to investigate the dead times and those instants of emptiness, when we find ourselves between the place we left behind and our awaiting destination.

Finally, during the development of the work I was aware that we share with the other more experiences and fears than we previously imagine; that we inhabit a permanent space of uncertainty. After being made aware of this situation, this travel diary turned into a tribute “to those who travel”, but most of all, “to those who feel”.

Text description provided by Mar Sáez

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