The Paris and Genoa Workshops

Lorenzo Ciccarelli 

Despite their differences, all RPBW works share a profound conception, a rigor, and a measure resulting from a tenacious working method and a professional organization, which represent the not too hidden secret to the decades-long success that has graced the Genoese architect. It’s a matter of finding out the reasons and investigating the methodological devices adopted by the architect to ensure that the initial creative spark is not lost in its contact with the ‘wall of time’: with the many stages required by architecture over time and the multiplicity of operational contributions involved. To actually ensure that the concept, or the immaterial intuition seized in those crucial ‘first three minutes’ (mentioned by Connors with regards to Francesco Borromini), does develop coherently and acquires ‘substance’ over the years, therefore making the best of the input and work of many different individuals, with the end result of giving shape to the constructed building, in all its presence and its weight.[+]

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