The house of the future?

Oliver Wainwright   /  Source:  The Guardian

What will homes be like 10 years from now? Judging by the winners of the Home of 2030 competition, sharing will be key – if Brexit hasn’t forced out all the skilled labour.

Shared home-working spaces, communal garden sheds and houses built using apps – these are just some of the ideas in the winning proposals for the government’s Home of 2030 competition to develop prototype “homes fit for the future”, showcasing the “best of British design”. The aim was to imagine what the best age-adaptable, energy-efficient, healthy homes might look like in 10 years’ time; but, according to the winning architects, most of the best ideas have been around for generations.

“You can’t get much more flexible and adaptable than the Georgian townhouse,” says Jennifer Beningfield of Openstudio, leader of one of the two winning teams announced today. “We’ve taken this very simple model and updated it for the 21st century. Our idea was to create infinite choice and variation from something very simple.”

The Guardian: The house of the future?

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