The 2021-2022 Europe 40under40® Award Winners


The 2021-2022 Europe 40under40® Award Winners



During these challenging times, it is crucial to keep insightful visions alive. Presenting Europe’s most hopeful personalities in the fields of architecture and design is what gives us hope for a better tomorrow.

The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design are pleased to announce the selection of the emerging architectural and design talents in Europe for 2021-2022.


Spread across Europe, the selected young recipients for the “Europe 40 Under 40®” come from the following countries: Albania, Austria, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, The Netherlands, Turkey, providing an insight into the architectural scene in Europe. They are:

María González Aranguren, Aranguren & Gallegos Architects — Spain

Fernando Mena, TOUSIDONIS ANISI — Spain

Konstantino Tousidonis, TOUSIDONIS ANISI — Spain

Alda Çapi , AÇA — Albania

Oliver Steinbauer, STEINBAUER architektur+design — Austria

Llorenç Batlle, Atelier Baste Batlle Architectes — France

Andrien Consnefroy, FAY ARCHITECTS — France

Emmanuelle Déchelette, Déchelette Architecture — France


Pierre-Arnaud Descôtes, Pierre-Arnaud Descôtes Architecte - France

Frederic Einaudi, ATELIER EGR - France

Maria Enescu, SCHEMMA — France

Vincent Eschalier, Studiο Vincent Eschalier — France

Laure Gahéry, Office Zola architects — France

Adrian Garcin, TAUTEM Architecture — France

Christelle Gautreau, Bond Society — France

Édouard Guyard, Office Zola architects — France

Alexandre Lahyani, atelier LÂME Architecture - France

Pierre Le Quer, COMBAS Architectes — France

Luc Pinsard, Atelier YokYok - France

Margaux Puech-Pelipenko,L’atelier b2p architecture — France

Benjamin Rocchi, SAS d'architecture NARA - France

Benoit Rotteleu, Benoit Rotteleur Architecte — France

Dimitri Roussel, DREAM - France

Ingrid Sabatier, ISSS research | architecture | urbanism — France

Lacoste Samson, Atelier YokYok — France

StephanSchwarz, ISSS research | architecture | urbanism - France

Nicolas Sisto, Sisto Studios Architects — France

Jérôme Stablon, Bien Urbain - atelier d’architecture — France

Ermis Chalvatzis, Lianou Chalvatzis Architects (Lc Architects) — Greece

Darragh Breathnach, DUA — Ireland

Anna Merci, Anna Merci Architecture — Italy

Maciej Franta, Franta Group — Poland

Mickaël Martins Afonso, Martins Afonso Atelier de Design - Portugal

Rui Dinis, spaceworkers — Portugal

Alina Chereyskaya, SA lab — Russian Federation

Michiel Van Driessche, Felixx Landscape Architects & Planners — The Netherlands

Lebriz ATAN KARAATLI,KAAT Architecture + Urban — Turkey

Cihan Sevindik, Nous Architecture — Turkey

Nesile Yalçın, Studio Monas — Turkey

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