MM house, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Fernando Menis 

MM house, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Fernando Menis 

This project, located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, was designed under the premise of reusing waste generated during the construction of new buildings or when taking apart decaying ones. To this end, the MM House project tries out different material recycling methods: the sculptural staircase, made with surplus pipes, sheets and steel bars, hangs from the roof and ends in a series of workshop-made metallic steps; and the facade, for its part, is built with a system of slats built from reclaimed galvanized plumbing pipes and recycled wood to generate a laminar system to control sunlight and frame the views.

The building – containing four apartments, a single-family house with a roof garden and swimming pool, a shop, and a garage at ground level – takes up the corner of the plot. It is separated from the party walls by a courtyard, which allows natural ventilation and light without any external interference. This also creates optimal acoustic comfort. The form of the plot, with an outward angle and delimited by two side party walls, organizes the residential units along the diagonal, making better use of the exterior facades. 

Obra Work

Casa MM MM House

Cliente Client

Comunidad Casa MM

Arquitecto Architect

Fernando Menis

Colaboradores Collaborators

Andrés Pedreño, Rafael Hernández (aparejadores quantities survey), Esau Acosta (delineación technical drawings), Juan José Gallardo (estructura structure)

Construcción Construction

Pedro Llanera, Andrés Servando

Presupuesto Budget

272.000 euros

Fotos Photos

Jordi Bernadó; Fernando Menis; Bernhard Stubenboek; Hisao Suzuki; Kim Yong-kwan