BIG + Heatherwick Studio revise plans for Google HQ

BIG Bjarke Ingels Group  Heatherwick Studio 

It was over a year ago that the design jointly drawn up by Bjarke Ingels and Thomas Heatherwick for Google's new Charleston East campus in Mountain View, Silicon Valley, was unveiled. Addressing new requirements, the latest version presents a smaller building, although the exact dimensions have not been specified. It also shows a gridded floor plan with an arrangement of rectilinear modular pavilions. Some features of the original proposal have been maintained, such as the translucent roof – which, however, loses its initial vaulted shape – and the flexibility of the mobile internal partitions. The complex is now also adapted to the new scale of the winding pedestrian pathways that surround the construction while connecting the exterior and interior spaces to stores and cafés. BIG Heatherwick studio