The Latin American Mies Prize for Architecture 2000


State Art Gallery, São Paulo (Brazil) 

Alternating with its European equivalent, the Mies van der Rohe Prize of Latin American architecture fell in its second edition upon on a state art gallery in São Paulo, housed by Paulo Mendes Da Rocha, Eduardo Argenton and Welinton Ricoy in a Neoclassic building using the strict lexis of the ‘Paulist school’, which drinks from the fountains of historic modernity without flaunting the sensuality that identifies Niemeyer and the ‘school of Río’. The jury, graced among others by Ricardo Legorreta, Dominique Perrault and Ignasi de Solá-Morales, credited the dialog with the existing and the way the courtyards blend with new program through a fretwork ceiling that lets in sunlight. The project carried the day over the five other finalists: a vacation complex for the workers’ syndicate of the National Electricity Company in Itú, Paraguay, by Ayala, Marioni & Benítez; a human sciences faculty in Bogotá, by Rogelio Salmona; a house in Playa Bonita, Lima by Alexia León; and two Chilean works, the Reutter House in Cachagua by Mathias Klotz and the Manantiales building in Santiago, by Izquierdo, Lehmann, Peñafiel & Lira.

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